About Us

Way back in 1984, ION started manufacturing electronic piezo buzzers when the technology was at it'sinfancy in India. Ever since ION has maintained Number 1 position in the Indian Buzzer market.ION is also a name to reckon with the manufacturing of precise and accurate temperature sensors,indicators, controllers, timers master slave clock system, street light timer, specialised cooling tower,weekly timer with 100 programs, custom designed panel & instruments & trading in Electronic Components.To effectively support the objective of thrust on R & D and top quality products, ION has engaged a teamof qualified engineers, skilled assemblers and also has a full time R&D department. ION has strict quality checks right from material procurement to the finished product.

ION's business over the years has grown across the country. Due to excellent support by a dealer networkwhich has stood the test of time. The integrity of promoters and the reliability of products have contributed tothe strong bonds of understanding between the dealers and the company.

ION ELECTRICALS PVT. LTD. have the prestigious International Quality Standards ISO 9001:2015 Certification.This certificate has been awarded to ION for design, manufacture and, trade of electrical and electronic products.The joint accreditation in recognition of our fulfilling its stringent quality norms.


ION is well known for its quality, guarantee and strong bond with its customers.